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ADBUSTERS recognizes for 24 hours that no one was born to shop.

Every year in November Adbusters challenges people to switch off from shopping and tune back into life for one day.
On November 24th and 25th this year, which are the busiest days in the American retail calender kicking off the international Christmas shopping season, Adbusters and concerned activists will take a 24 hour consumer detox as part of the BUY NOTHING DAY campaign. Some see this day as an escape from the marketing mind games and frantic consumer binge that has come to characterize the holiday season and mainly our culture in general. It also exposes the environmental and ethical consequences of overconsumption as North Americans consume nearly 80 percent of the world's resources. 80 PERCENT!!!! With SIX BILLION PEOPLE ON THE PLANET, THE UPPER 20 PERCENT IS CONSUMING MORE THAN THE MAJORITY OF THE WORLDS RESOURCES!!!!!!
Challenge yourself to acknowledge BUY NOTHING DAY and "PARTICIPATE BY NOT PARTICIPATING"


Check out this video from CNN, a spokesperson from ADBUSTERS speaks about BUY NOTHING DAY.

Email BND@ADBUSTERS.ORG and explain how you will be participating. Share your ideas and plans. ADBUSTERS will feature the best and brightest ideas and plans on for Buy Nothing Day as it unfolds.

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consulted at: November 22, 2006