Culture Jamming/Social Influence Project (30%)

Due Date: Nov. 30th

In groups of 2-3, students will work on a particular culture jamming and/or social influence project of their own design and on a topic of their own choosing. Effective culture jamming projects will leverage essential media form and design principles to shine a critical or ironic light on a particular issue of interest. Social influence campaigns, while similar, aim to spur action and awareness of a particular issue, not simply offer detached ironic commentary.

5% of the final grade will be reserved for the group’s formation and proposal, due Nov. 2nd. 5% will be reserved for presentation of the group’s final project and 5% for draft proposal due Nov 16. 20% will be reserved for the quality and effectiveness of the work created. This includes presentation, wiki documnetation and final concept. Specific criteria will be discussed and outlined while groups are formed in the first half of the course.

Proposal Brainstorm (due Nov 2 -5%)

Please include the following in your group wiki:
  1. A group resume (an outline of team members, their individual skills, and collective rules and responsibilities)
  2. A written section that provides a background of :
  • Title - possible name
* Overview - brief description of concept
  • Goals and Objectives - what your group wants to achieve and why it is relevant
  • Audience - who is the intended audience and how this will be considered in project
  • Key Message - what do you want your audience to learn from your work
  • Content Planning - what content you will include and how will it will be structured
  • Medium of Expression- what form(s) of media will the project take and why
  • Schedule - a week by week breakdown of project tasks
  • Bibliography - relevant sources
* Visual/Conceptual References - images and ideas that inspire your concept

First Draft (due Nov 16 -5%)

This will include all work up to date including:
  • updated proposals reflecting project's current state
* expanded research - visual and conceptual references, bibliographies (including annotations)
  • any creative work- sketches, storyboards, photos, screen shots, mock ups, etc- with description
* updated log of team schedules- include final implementation
  • basic organizing and formatting of wiki

An example of a culture jam by the famous ADBUSTERSad.jpg