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1.Will all the online readings be included in the final test? Or should we focus on lecture notes and use the readings to expand those ideas?
  • Online readings will be on the test *However* the Prof. goes through many readings during the lecture which gives us a guide on how to focus on what information will be covered on the test. The lecture notes are important but the reading enhance what the prof. explain in the lecture. Hope this helps! ~~Amanda~~
2. Are we responsible to know the content in the wikispace?
It is unrealistic for us to be responsible for all the content within the wikispace - there is just too much information. There are, however, many topics that overlap with what has been covered in lectures and in readings ... it would be helpful to look over the content written on those pages. The Wiki tends to be a good place to build collective study notes as well!
3. How long is the test?
It will be on the last lecture period (Dec. 7). You'll have the full two hours.
4. What is the format of the test? Is there a writing part like a short essay or something? Can you please be specific? Thanks
There will be a few multiple choice questions (approximately 5) two or three broader "fill in the boxes" type questions which will be more about taking course concepts and demonstrating applied understanding vs. simple memorization (sometimes the jargon terms are even provided) and an essay question which generally requires identification and application of concepts to a new undefined problem. As there is no formal lecture after project presentations, that time will be reserved for any test questions.
5.Will you give us a study guide? or some helpful ways to study because The readings are long and intense?
Consider the lecture notes a study guide to what is important (and testable) in the readings. If a point is not mentioned in the lecture notes or in lecture, it's not going to be on the test. As for studying, try to understand the meaning of terms and ideas noted, not simply cramming words into your head. The major questions on the test will be application-type questions - if you memorize points but don't necessarily know what they mean, it won't help much.
6. Are there any past exams for us to review?
I'll bring in a couple of past exam questions as a guide Thursday. Given that the course has changed hands a few times over the years, there's only two previous exams I've written. Previous to that, having the past exam would actually throw you off - the course used to be 10 weeks of film theory and concepts, after all.
7. Prof. Jones, when will the rest of the cct300 lecture notes be posted?
They all should be up there now. There's none for yesterday - that was an informal discussion on the test. The final notes for 333 cover the same general material if you're interested though. And there's a sample "fill in the box" question on the formal final test description page. It might not be openable in Word on some machines automatically - stick a .doc extension on it it doesn't work as intended.
8. I'm assuming there is no tutorial tomorrow, correct?
there are not tutorials schedualed as the professor stated last week
9. Will the test be asking for specific "dates" and "names"?
names for sure but dates not as much i think. You gotta know FOR SURE who is Mike Jones and David Gelb.
|| 10. I'm scared from the so called " online readings". I really don't wanna worry about them :( ||