As McCloud notes, graphic novels have an untapped potential as a medium of expression. Since these books were written, it is arguable that this potential has come closer to realization. Even mainstream bookstores now have graphic novel sections. Much of the selection is largely influenced by Asian genres (e.g, manga, anime) but there’s a strong contingent of independent Canadian production (e.g.,Drawn and Quarterly press) and stories of international interest and acclaim (e.g., Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis.)

In this assignment, you will investigate graphic novels by selecting a graphic novel of interest to you and analysing it in reference to McCloud’s concepts of this emerging genre.

Approximately 1200-1500 word (5-6 pages)
Due October 12th
Value - 20%

  • Include name, student # and lab section
  • Please, no smaller than 10pt. font
  • Printed copy handed in at the beginning of lab