You can creat your own flag using information from other countries flags at
This site is really nice to cheer someone up or if you have nothing else to do
This site is great for students to interact with other students
This site has many minigames, and they are fun to play!
Cool concept and really interesting to play. Addictive!
a mouse-based user interface that uses no clicks!
A site with lots of interesting flash games. (they are hard to play)
This site also has many flash games.
This site has flash games in series, and it's really fun playing them step by step! But it sometimes gets frustrated if you can't solve it.
Here is an interesting website that allows user to create their own blog, it is very famous now. This website is just like friendster but I think it's better than friendster. Check it out.
One of Canada's largest bargain hunting communities with many "nuclear" hot deals throughout stores in North America.
Mr. Nice.
Better Living Through Design - Innovative ideas and introduces up-and-coming designers.