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  1. Jessica Scarchilli/Denyse Gibson/ Natalie Warr GNC - Zaira Shaal, Nick Basile, Marylou Mejia[[killthehype:Kill The Hype|]]
  2. Jason Siu/Janakhan/Shelly Dass
  3. GNC - Zaira Shaal, Nick Basile, Marylou Mejia
  4. Marta and Mike - The Trust Bank
# Able Lee and Paul (yuh-chi) Peng
  1. "NAIVE" - The "Free" Commodity- AllBright Kim and Michelle KIm
  2. ForsetiMedia - Ashley Braz, Deana Chadillon, Matthew Wijas
  3. MDMA - Matthew Denomme, Debbie Chan, Mike Naumis
  4. SAAT- Myaad Ahmed, Nicole Howes and David Prasad
  5. Raneem Meknas/Anastasia Trofimova - "The Way of the Fox"external image mad_scientist.jpg
  6. Faking It - Danielle Pelton, Maja Batinica
  7. Kill This Hype- Andrea Wong, Emily Chow, Jill Tang