MediaGenerator is an opportunity for undergraduate students at UTM to invent the future of media!

With an award from the Provost’s Office MediaGenerator@UTM is able to offer students a “sandbox” equipped with the equipment you need or want to push the boundaries of your creativity and create the media you always wished you could. With 4 media savvy graduate students on board to help you’ll soon be generating media.

There are two contests that you are eligible to enter!

Logo Contest:
- Logo design should incorporate the text “MediaGenerator@UTM”
- Prizes: 1st prize $100 2nd prize: $25 3rd prize $25

Media Jam Competition:
- Media and digital artwork should be submitted in a commonly available format (i.e. jpg, .avi, .mov, .swf, .html etc.).
- Prizes: 1st prize $100 2nd prize: $25 3rd prize $25

Winners will be announced at the Media Generator@UTM launch event:
January 17, 2006
4 - 6 pm
by the Video Wall in the CCT building

Entry Deadline:
December 20th, 2006

For full entrance eligibility, and rules please visit: