Please feel free to type any questions you have about the Culture Jamming/Social Influence Project here.

1. Is it at all possible to work alone? Not that I can't find a group. Just asking.
It's really not recommended. The requirements will remain the same, which means you'll have to do twice as much work solo. There are considerable benefits in learning how to work with others (even those you don't necessarily see eye to eye with at first...) That'll be the norm when you enter the workforce - you can't always pick who you work with, alas. And, solo projects from previous years have generally been weak. Some have managed to create excellent solo projects, to be sure, but they're the exception to the rule.
2. Do you need a group? We are looking for 1 more person. reply asap!! badestchick_101@hotmail.com or sugarwithatwist@hotmail.com
Probably best to note your tutorial # and post this in the lab groups! There are a couple of people looking.
3. Prof.!!! Do we need to submit the proposal with a hard copy as well?? or just upload it online on our page ??
In CCT333 this year, Mike Jones allowed us to upload our proposal onto our group wikispace. The same goes for 300. Online posting is preferred - it's easier to read through everything in one sitting that way. We'll give feedback on proposals the following week.
4.Are we actually researching whatever we are criticizing in depth and writing a report, or are we creating a cultural jamming object (magazine ad, website, poster, etc)?
The major effort will be the creation of a culture jamming/social influence campaign (which will likely include more than one object- depends on the topic and what you do). There will have to be evidence of documentation and research, which you will put on your group wiki for review. This research will certainly cover, why you were inspired to do this topic, what types of related work has been done in the area already, what design decisions you made in making your object(s), your own (or audience) analysis of effectiveness, etc.
5. In the proposal, what is meant by "content planning"?
I would guess that content planning means, what the actual bulk of your campaign will include. Let's say you were making a poster, the content would be the visual components of the poster. Or if it were mainly print, what kind of messages will you include?
6. What time is the proposal due on Thursday?
Ideally by lab, although you'll have until the end of the day to change things as you see fit. The professors will look over proposals and provide feedback and advice by next week. Additionally, the prof mentioned in the tutorial that changes can still be made because he will review it later at night.
7.Do we create a new page for fist draft or we only have to change on the proposal?
Updating the proposal based on feedback helps, but you should have some new material (e.g,. sketches, storyboards, draft work, etc. up there as well. It would help to know what was changed where and why as well.
8. Does an essay need to be included? If so, how long should it be?
Your wiki acts as the rationale and research underlying your project. So, not exactly an essay per se, but some notes and thoughts regarding design decisions and rationale. We'll post a couple of things up this week regarding what should be there. If you've been going through the process well, though, it'll basically only involve restructuring what you've already got and adding a few minor bits.
9. Is everything to be handed only on wikispace or a hard copy is needed?
Any physical object (e.g., a model, poster, etc.) should be handed in physically. All documentation and the like can be simply put on your group Wikispace - we'll look at it from there.
10. My group decided to create a website and flash to present, we don't have any physical objects to hand in. Do we required any papers to hand in?
You do not have to hand anything in unless you have some sort of physical object for your project (in your case, you dont). Besides that, everything should be on your group Wiki.