Yes, I finally finished the test too. Man, I'm so sad and glad at the same time. Sad I did bad on the test. Glad, hell week is finally over. Honestly, I think the last essay question was a little difficult and maybe a little TOO broad. I wish it was something a teenier bit more specific so I wouldn't have my essay all over the place.
- Lester

Finally finished the test, however, I think I failed. LOL. I thought the test was hard and it was nothing I expected. A lot of the materials that i thought was going to be on the test did not show up. Anyways, I hope everyone else did ok.

I found the test to be horrible, have a great night.
- I second that -_-

It is HARD!
If i missunderstood the short ans question, like....filling the wrong answers into the box....would I still get some part mark?

Here is a little suggestion for the test format......There could be more than three short answer questions so that people have a chance to get few questions wrong and without heavy penalty. 3 short answer questions equal 50% of the test's total marks. If one just cant remember the materials accidentally or didnt memorize the materials well enough....he/she is dead basically -_- and...unfortunetly....I am the "she" in this case -_-

Yea the test was not as easy as i was expecting. I think Jones did a good job trying to touch on every single aspect of the course that we learned, especially in the lengthy essay question which infact wasn't just a question, more like a list of questions. But i hope i did good.

The test was super hard~~sighss!

The test was kinda weird....nothing that i expected was on the test...Especially the essay question was messed up, the case was longggggg and boring and the questions were hard....i hope the class average is poor so that we can all do well....

I thought the test was pretty easy. Prof Jones asked us for a lot less content than I expected. To be frank, although I didn't attend as many lectures as I should have, I think I did pretty well because I did all of the required readings. Then again, I might be completely off and failed miserably - we'll see I guess... :-S

Well, I gotta say, props to the profs for being the first course to officially destroy my writing hand :D so.. much writing... ah well, things be done, holidays are here, woot and hurray! Cheers all.

I thought the test was fair. The essay question was at least about soemthing interesting.

I thought the test was fair and I did relatively well, wasn't expecting to ace it in the first place, but I can't say I did poorly. I answered all the questions and felt fairly confident about them. I never check the textbook or notes afterwords because then you drive yourself insane wondering if your answer was the same on the exam lol. Nonetheless, I felt it was good, perhaps a little too long for the timeframe, but then again, I finished before the time limit, and saw many others finish considerably earlier than I did. Overall, not so bad, my writing hand is destroyed, but it'll recover, just in time to type up my Wiki assignment lol.

Finally finished all my tests in sheridan. It was a horrible week that I have, 4 tests in one week man. I haven't slept since the last week prior to the test. But i am really glad that finally everything is over. The test is fair, if you studied prof's lecture note and do the readings, the test is not a problem. But the topic for the essay question is a bit weird such that we have to predict Youtube and Google's future trend.


I feel bad about the test, I studied, but that two hours was really frustrating.


I think this test was a fair reflection of the course material, however many people still walked out of there on Thursday feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. The essay question took a little longer than expected due to the articles to read, which in effect caused me to rush through it. That was upsetting. For next time, I suggest eliminating the "box" questions as they took most of the time and could have been answered through multiple choice instead. Also, perhaps it would be a good idea in the future to give a proper exam review, as the lecture notes did not always EXPLAIN the concepts. Not an easy test!


I thought the test was fine, however I didn’t think there was enough time to write it. The essay question was interesting, however I had to read it twice and underline important content to write the essay effectively which used up the majority of my time. I also didn’t think the questions on Reinventing Comics were effective or beneficial to know. My study group and I spent the majority of our time reviewing the lecture notes as suggested. I knew the course material very well, although I wish I had more time to incorporate my knowledge of the course content thoroughly. I now know information about gate keeping, surveillance, and vertical and horizontal integration that I’ll apply to my other CCIT courses in the future. I feel like there could have been a better explanation about what was expected on the test, but overall it wasn’t too bad.

The test wasn't that bad, or I'm not really sure. I can't tell really I think I didn't have the time to finish up. I didn't like the case study it was kinda long for an exam. The essay question was realllly interesting I wish we had to write about it during school year. The only thing I remember that night is walking to BurgerKing and getting a warm meal in the FREEZIN cold day! Which totally flushed away any information in my brain for the next exam! Everyone just relaaaax and think about your upcoming exams, rather than worrying about an already finished one.
- Raneem Meknas