Please feel free to type any questions you have about the Wiki here.


1.How would we label genres under a media category? For example, if I wanted to do mine on Romance Novels, would I call it "Romance Novels" or "Novels (Romance)"?
Sounds like the best thing would be to have a category called novels (or perhaps fiction?) and then romance as a sub-category. As for a page name, Romance Novels makes sense.
2.What page to do work on for the WikiProject, do we use the Analysis and Reflection page?
You build your own topic page (and/or contribute to existing pages) for the "content" section of the assignment. Your analysis and reflection is to provide a roadmap for all your major contributions - linking to the other pages you create and any major edits done.
3.How do we show that we have made changes to other people's work?
Major edits (e.g., adding new paragraphs, etc.) should be noted in your Analysis and Reflections page. Minor edits (e.g., fixing a typo) don't need to be reported - but it's a good idea in both cases to annotate the change in the notes box at the bottom of the edit window.
4. Community building and maintenance (hope I spelled that right, I'm ESL): Isn't this kinda subjective? Who is to judge if I made the wiki a constructive learning process, and more importantly how are they going to judge? Through a record of my contributions? Flipping a coin :)? Dice :)? How come smily's don't work? Zi-Xiao
Judging community and maintenance can be subjective, but here's a good question to ask yourself when judging whether or not you contributed in making wiki a contructive learning experience: Have you posted/editted beyond your own material (your Reflection and Content pages)? Basically, if all you've posted is your Reflection and Content, then you have not contributed to the community. Some examples of Community Building and Maintenance would be adding banners, creating a FAQ page, putting up lecture notes, organizing groups, etc. It's basically anything you do that helps the wiki community as a whole. Even cleaning up the links in the Table of Contents would be part of it. You can judge by checking your "recent edits" history. You can also add a "note" to explain how you editted a page.
5. How many genres do we do exactly I read over the assignment and it says we need to do “2-3pp. approximately 500-700 words” per genres? What if someone does 10 and theres nothing left for 3 other people?
1 genre per person is sufficient for the assignment, although I suppose someone could feasibly do 10 if they so chose. As noted in the Hierarchy, there's no shortage of options, nor is there any way you could have nothing left to say - each one could be the subject of a dissertation in the end.
6. What is the "sandbox" for?
The sandbox section is a space that allows user to play with different functions that Wikispaces offers. This is the place where you can try out different tools and edit stuff without worrying about messing up the content. The sandbox is a place where you can practice and learn how to use Wikispace.
7. what if you finished and posted your work months ahead BUT no one edited your posting. do you get penalized for not having anyone edit your page?
I'm by no means an authority here, but it seems to me the logical and intuitive answer is NO. (Prof. Note: True.)
8. How do you create a table of contents on a page?
Add [ [ t o c ] ] (but without all those spaces) to the top of the page and it should automatically take all your headings and turn them into links. If you click "Edit This Page" on any page with a table of contents, you should see what i'm talking about at the top of the page.
9. Prof. Jones, since I have to write the reflections for both cct 300 and 333, is it ok that I write down the same thing for both? Because it is basically the same question the want us to response.
From what I heard in the tutorial, Prof. Gelb said even though you are asked to answer the same questions in both CCT 300/333. There must be something different in these two learning environments, so he suggested that we can reflect on the different experiences and feelings perceived from participating in these two different learning spaces.
10. When creating your own topic page, is it okay if we use subheadings in order to organize our information?
Yes, it'is much better to have an organized page rather than have a page whose information is scattered all over the place. In short, subheadings is a welcome edit.
11. Are you going to use our "major contributions" page in order to mark our 10% content part of the assignment? I
According to the Wiki Assignment, yes, your major contributions will be used to mark the 10% content of the assignment. Remember to list and link to the page(s) with your major contrubtions on your analysis and reflection page.
12.How do we make a Table of Contents page on our own page THANKS
You simply put in this: [ [ toc ] ] except without any spaces.
13. For the Form and Structure of media asignment, under content (worth 10%) it says that we must pick a media genre of interest and this must be 2-3 pp (500-700) Do we make a new page for this assignment and post it under our Analysis and Reflections page? As well, can a music genre be considered as a media genre?
Yes, you create a new page for every topic that you decide to write about. You post a link to your topic(s) in two main places: your Analysis and Reflection page and under the Table of Contents. And yes, a music genre can be considered as a media genre. There are already a few genres posted under music, such as Brutal Death Metal, Emo and Gospel. Consider also some other media genres. Genre is simply a fancy way of saying category - things that can be grouped together as sharing common approaches. So, the genres at are a way of looking at movies, for example.
14.When is the last date to work on Wiki for it to be considered for marks?
Final date for edits: Dec 8th (ongoing participation/content building required)
15. Does anyone know what our last question is for Analysis&Reflection? The first two questions were due Nov 16th, then how about the third one? All I can find is... T.B.A. Do I miss it? or Could anyone tell me where the question is ? Thanks!
It has been updated and the last question is up in the wiki assignment link. The question is "Reflecting on wiki process (end of term)" --- This isn't completely correct As the prof. posted some important messages at the CCT300 main page. The last question for the Analysis&Reflection will be posted early next week, which is around Dec 4th. So reflecting on wiki process is what we are going to discuss but the questions we have to answer won't be available until next week.
16. Do we also have to add a hyperlink (as the wiki project) under the Hierarchy of Media Genres? Or,adding a hyperlink(for the page we are working on for the wikiproject) under our Analysis and Reflection page is fine? thank you . I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this but I've noticed several students' have included work done on their culture jamming project in their contributions to the wiki. Just to clarify, this does not count as part of your community building, right?
I am not sure as to what this question is asking but I will do my best at attempting to answer it. Your written contribution to the wiki must be linked in your personal analysis and reflection page in order for Prof. Jones to see it and grade it. If your written content happenes to fall in the Hierarchy of Media Genres, it would be nice if you could link it as that is what community building is all about. Others interested in the topic will be able to click on your link and read about your topic, possibly even add content to your article.