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  • You are NOT allowed to recycle assignments already submitted in other courses. Both this and cut and paste jobs are usually pretty obvious - and since the Wiki is open to all, both are often caught by others and reported to us. (Any tips on potentially plagiarized content are welcome and will be treated as anonymous and confidential.)
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  • If you have any questions regarding the legality of your contribution, ask them. You will severely regret your intellectual laziness and dishonesty when caught. All this noted, most of you need NOT freak out about this - if you've written original content citing sources you've referenced, you're perfectly fine. I suspect the vast majority of you fall into this category.
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Enlightening? Not so much...
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The Kimsters proudly present- "Project Naive"

A mini-documentary on the facts of bottled water. Enjoy.
An AllBright and Michelle Film.


Now that you've finished your Culture Jamming assignments, you can submit your work to MediaJam contest hosted by MediaGenerator@UTM! Winners will receive monetary prizes!

MediaGenerator wikipage


Nov. 29, 2006:

We are ready to present to you the best documentary about the Fox news network!


Nov. 29, 2006:


AllBright and Michelle Kim

Nov. 24, 2006:The Meatrix


November 24 and 25, 2006


Nov. 23, 2006a separate page.smashing PS3s
toad_logo.jpgWar On Online Poker Addiction, We Dare You To Join!

Nov. 16, 2006:Click here if you'd like to read it/comment....

Nov. 15. 2006
McDonalds?Click here!

Nov. 8, 2006
anime?Click here!- everyone's feedback is important!

Nov. 7, 2006:

This WikispaceCCT300 - Critical Analysis of MediaCommunication Culture and Information TechnologyUniversity of Toronto - MississaugaSheridan College Insititute of Technology and Advanced Learning

(Prof. Note - I suspect Mr. McCloud would not be all that adverse to people taking a cheaper way to reading his material (and I cannot stop it realisitically...)
However, morally you owe Mr. McCloud at least something - especially if you've gained something from the books (and I know many of you have already...)
I suspect he'd be the kind to appreciate some compensation via a direct micropayment, as he argues towards just that in Reinventing Comics and in later readings. He can be compensated through BitPass and other means - see his website for other details or to buy his newly released book.
Whatever the case, do not plan to blatantly steal other people's intellectual property - ever. You are all in a field where this can easily happen to you - do you really want to start off on such a poor karmic footing? Sharing has its purpose - stealing never does. Discuss. - mlwjones mlwjones Sep 24, 2006)

CCT 210