Due to all the 'hype' over the PS3, it seems some individuals were not so excited. There was a team of people who collected investments from people and purchased a PS3. They then walked to the street and smashed it on the ground and hit it with a sledge hammer infront of a line up of people waiting to purchase the system. Does this prove a point? I see it as quite interesting and putting forth the question and idea of why people stand in line for three days just for a video game system they can purchase down the road at not nearly the cost or time expense. Yes, there was profit to be made on eBay, however, is it really worth it? Check out the link and video!

Don't Forget About the Wii!!

The same guys also smashed a Nintendo Wii when it came out last Sunday. Check it out here:
You gota love the sound effects on this one...

More About The 'Smash Our Stuff' Team

The 'Smash Our Stuff' team is a group of Canadians from Toronto consisting of Ben Lovatt (the guy who makes the purchases), Victor Moukhortov (the guy who smashes the stuff), and Yegor Sak (the camerman). Their smashing antics have not been limited to the PS3 and Wii, but have also included xBox 360 and Apple's iPod. They actually got banned from Yorkdale for 1 year after smashing an iPod Nano. If you've seen more then one of their videos, you'll notice that they play the same background song. The song is Franz Ferdinand's, "The Fallen", which contains the lyrics just because you like to destroy all of the things that bring the idiots joy, making reference to the fact that they are destroying mass commercialized and mass distributed consumer products.

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