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  1. page First Person Shooter Games edited {FPS.jpg} Image made by Joseph Ticar with Adobe Photoshop CS2 Introduction First Person Shoot…
    Image made by Joseph Ticar with Adobe Photoshop CS2
    First Person Shooter (FPS) is a genre of computer and video games. FPS places the player into the position of the in-game character, allowing them to used weapons that are ranged or melee. The play within FPS games is continuous, and can range from fast-paced, unrealistic battles, or battles that are slow paced, requiring the player to think about real-time counters.
    The first FPS games were started around the early 1990s (Wikipedia, 2006). At this time, Wolfenstein 3D and Doom were created by id Software (id Software, 2005), starting the FPS phenomenon, and introducing a new genre. Notable examples of games in the FPS genre are the Half-Life series, Quake, Unreal, and Halo.
    Features of FPS games
    The FPS genre revolves around movement and shooting. However, several sub-genres of FPS exist. For example, in the Splinter Cell series, players must focus more on stealth and secrecy as opposed to direct confrontation (Wikipedia, 2006), being referred to in gamer communities as "sneak-'n'-run" as opposed to "run-'n'-gun". Games that also have this style of play are: the Metal Gear series, the Thief series, and Hitman.
    Other games, like Half-Life, are known to mesh together the elements of shooting, stealth and puzzle solving (Wikipedia, 2006). Squad-based games, such as Ghost Recon, or SOCOM U.S. Navy Seals require the players to generate battle plans before engaging their opponents.
    Despite the difference between sub-genres, all FPS games have shooting (or some other means of inflicting damage on one's enemies) and movement as the basis of play.
    Many FPS games have differing degrees of realism in different elements. For instance, in Battlefield 1942, "Russian soldiers wear distinctively realistic clothes and gear and are, thus, easily recognised. The helmet shape, length of coat, colour and pattern of camouflage, and features of equipment all follow the historically accurate prototypes." (Manninen, et al. 2005).
    Additionally, environments and character response will differ according to elements of realism that are in place. Environments (or maps) in CounterStrike, for example, are made to be generic replicas of typical office complexes or mansions. In contrast, maps in Halo are place in outerspace, or in alien complexes that are the product of developers' imaginations.
    Story narratives can be either in-depth, giving a backstory to what has already been said, or superficial, creating a segue to another level, and furthering the present storyline. The Halflife series utilizes the use of in-game sequences (Jarvinen 2002), to allow for full player control while the story unfolds. Other games, such as Halo, utilize cut-scenes once a certain point has been reached. There are distinct advantages and disadvantages to using each, though they can be dependent upon player preferences.
    Combat in FPS games consists of trying to eliminate ones opponent with a weapon. According to the degree of realism weapons will vary. In Battlefield 1942 (BF:1942) for instance, soldiers carry different weapons according to their class. Manninen and Kujanpaa (2005) observe that the medic wears a Red Cross insignia and possesses medical equipment, engineer carries tools, anti-tank soldier carries a bazooka, and the scout carries a rifle and radio.
    In some reality based games such as WWII simulator, Call of Duty, players take damage when falling from certain heights, and are limited in stamina, thus restraining the ability to run away from battle, as in a real war. Additionally, players are affected differently when hit in different parts of the body. Other games, like Half-Life: Team Fortress Classic, are unrealistic. Players have the ability to use bombs or grenades to jump greater distances, and are able to carry and unrealistic amounts of ammunition.
    Keyboard and mouse
    When playing on a computer, FPS games rely on a system of controls that allow the user to look and move in all directions. The default layout while playing on a QWERTY keyboard is to use the "W" and "S" keys to generate forward and backward movement, and "A" and "D" to run left or right (called strafing).
    The mouse is used to simulate head movement, allowing the player to look freely in all directions. The left mouse button is usually primary fire, and the right button secondary fire (in some games, like Call of Duty, the default action for right clicking when holding a sniper rifle is to activate the scope). Although games have these controls in common, each game has distinct commands for each actions.
    Controls for all FPS games are usually completely customizable, but it takes quite some time to set individual key binds when switching games.
    Wii Remote
    The Nintendo Wii remote sports a motion sensor, which allows players to interact and manipulate objects that are on-screen, thus making a Wii remote a sword (in the case of the game Red Steel), or a steering wheel (in the case of the GT series).
    Graphic Cards and Systems
    As games become more advanced in their visual elements such as environments and textures, users must keep up with game requirements. In the case of F.E.A.R. or In-Crysis, users must have a graphics cards and system that supports high frame rates, subtle lighting, and smooth textures. In short, systems must be more of less up to date in terms of hardware.
    The system requirements of F.E.A.R., for example, are:
    ·Pentium® 4 3.0 GHz or equivalent processor
    ·1 GB RAM
    ·A 256 MB Radeon® 9800 Pro or equivalent DirectX® 9 compliant video car with hardware T&L and pixel shader 2.0 support
    In recent years, FPS games (and to a greater extent, video games in general) have become the target of media, being hailed in 1980 by President Reagan as a means of creating "highly skilled cold war warriors" (Squire 2002). More recently, Florida Attorney Jack Thompson has taken serious issue with the problem of video games, being an advocate of the "video games made me do it" defense (, 2005).
    Specific controversy arose over the Grand Theft Auto series, a game in which the object was to complete missions that revolved around stealing cars.
    Conversely, video game advocates, comic artist Tim Buckley, have spoken out against Thompson and other individuals who are against video games. Buckley argues that responsible gaming falls to parents and vendors to monitor what games are being played and what games are being sold (, 2005). Furthermore, many parents and teachers are concerned that violent video games produce violent children and violence in school. Apparently, the two boys who committed the tragic Columbine shootings were influenced by one of the most popular first person shooter games of the 20th century, Doom. The two boys, who shot and killed thirteen people - includes students, teachers, and other staff - and then shot themselves, were apparently really influenced by the game. They even compared their shot guns, tech-9s and other hand guns to those of Doom. After this, and other murderous shooting in the United States, parent and teachers began protests and other influential acts to ban the production and retail of games of this genre.
    Sources: "First Person Shooter"., 2006.
    id Software company history: "Stealth-based Game"., 2006 "Half-life"., 2006.
    Manninen, Tony, and Tomi Kujanpaa. "The Hunt for Collaborative War Gaming - CASE: Battlefield 1942." International Journal of Computer Game Research 5.1 (2005). 20 Nov. 2006 <>.
    Jarvinen, Aki. "Halo and the Anatomy of the FPS." The International Journal of Computer Game Research 2.1 (2002). 20 Nov. 2006 <>.
    Vikta, William. "GameSpeak: Ctrl+Alt+Del: A Q&A On Violence With Tim Buckley Of Gaming Comic Ctrl+Alt+Del." 4 Mar. 2005. CBS Broadcasting Inc. 20 Nov. 2006 <>.

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  1. page Martyna Dakowicz edited Wiki Contributions When Experience Using a Wiki When first encountering ... wiki, I though…

    Wiki Contributions
    WhenExperience Using a Wiki
    first encountering
    wiki, I thoughtperceived it wouldto be a
    study tool and effectivefacilitated by a dynamic, collaborative environment.
    a class wikiwiki, however, is that
    briefly, sometimes trail off-topic, and
    inferior to wikipediaWikipedia articles. This poses a challenge to creating a meaningful interaction, especially for users searching for specialized information.
    I have also used wikispaceswiki spaces last year
    was the effectivenessteamwork involved in putting together an integrated database of collaboration,information. It was interesting to observe partial pieces of text coming together, undergoing an iterative editing process and therefore gathering pertinent information that can servefinally serving as a unified source.source of knowledge.
    An effective
    the class, thatwhich was continually
    slightly less focussedfocused due to
    what a media genre is. Some'media genre' entails. Further, some gray area existed also between a
    example of a media genre. Itgenre, which we were asked to differentiate. The wiki does, however,
    to explore the various media
    if the given article isn't
    others existing onsources exploring the same
    is, overall, an effectivea productive tool for
    study and collaboration,collaboration; especially since
    learning tool.
    Expectations for the Process

    I expect to study the topics I post in-depth , as opposed to offering only a description of what they are. Throughout the course I will continue to find genres that I am interested in and conduct research related to them. My edits contribute to the addition of certain topics and a discussion of what they are and how they relate to other genres in a similar field as well as their social impact.
    Topics I explored/editedExplored, Published and Edited in the wiki:
    For the purposes of
    this wiki
    focussed my studyresearch mostly on film, including the headings of Film,film studies and multimedia. Headings with which I interacted include:
    Independent Film,
    Media Art. I
    chose to
    topics because I was intrigued by the fluctuating taxonomy of underground media. The notion and definition of what independantindependent music and
    film has changedevolved from the definition ofassociations with low production costproduction-cost content and progressed to become a descriptionstage at which language becomes descriptive of a
    artistic style. BecaueSuch a process can be described as Cultural Overturn, to use Bruce Mau's term. The implications of cultural overturn include interpolating the underground aesthetic into the mainstream and capitalizing on its cult status via infiltration through viral marketing and eventually outright direct advertising.
    these "Independent" genres haveretain a certain
    quality, I decidedecided to expand this exploration intoto encompass the field of Media ArtArt, which includes genressub-genres such as
    and Sound Art, which are all interrelated.Art (both interrelated). I was
    of films out there includindclassified along these lines including Underground Film
    I often chose to discuss these
    well as by adding pertinantrelevant images to
    Movies & Society
    Original CNN-Starwars content/banner/poster.
    Looking Back
    Personally, myThe biggest challenge in working with the collaborative class wiki was to
    an environment that had this "ongoing" component becausewith a substantial "ongoing" to me sounded likecomponent. Because of the indefinite parameters and time constraints of the project, this wouldseemed to be a great, immersivevery immersive, formless project for someone with a lot of time on their hands. Seeing as I am not one of those people,indefinite objectives. I was less motivatedinclined to design
    in the closeclass, nor of
    these topics mostly independently (Independant Film, Music, Media Art) mostly independantly.Art). Conversely, I
    lot to learn. Thebe learned.
    course itself worked well with its amazinglytruly interesting textbooks
    culture jam. I just thought they wereThey may have been a little
    Also, it was frustrating to observe that the "Table of Contents" was not a "Table of Contents of Genres" at all. In fact, there are not that many media genres present, surprisingly. Hence the process involved some confusion. On the postive side, I had a chance to explore the genre (film) that I am currently most interested in, and I tried to make it interesting and explorative as opposed to just "historical".
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  1. page Lumtai, Anthony edited ... - added pictures to blank and jones page (nov 14) - added pictures to gabriel and dresden pag…
    - added pictures to blank and jones page (nov 14)
    - added pictures to gabriel and dresden page (nov 14)
    - getting use to wiki, just browsing around and seeing the different features of this online community
    - havent really added anything yet, don't know where to begin but I'm sure once I start it'll flow easily
    - found it hard to get started
    - now that i've found some topics of interest been frequently visiting and updating wiki
    - once you get started editing and discussion flows easily, especially topics that you are interested in
    1. I use alot for both entertainment and informative purposes, so an idea of an internal type wiki with just people from the cct course is very interesting to me. Its going to be fun sharing and reading everyones thoughts and interests within the wiki and watching it grow from something small to an actual information centre. For me i expect to update regularly not only on the subjects that interests me but try and expand to different genres and maybe get some insight on other subjects that I wouldn't have originally intended to do. Refering to my little blog, it was really hard to not only get used to this wikispace but to start editing information as well, since this whole experience of editing is kind of new to me. As I started visiting more frequently and familiarizing myself with the website it became more easier, especially if i edited something of interest to me.
    This is the first time I'm doing a wiki for a course so its all new to me. Like I mentioned before this whole idea sounds very intriguing and I wouldnt mind doing it again for another course. Although I dont have alot of experience I think I can contribute quite a bit to this wiki. At first it was slow going, then it started to become more fun, and now its routine for me to visit this site almost everyday so I think in time I can contribute more and more especially once I start to get more experience.
    2. As of right now I'm basically just contributing and editing things of interest to me, such as my hobbies or things that I like. I think this is the best way to start as you would be less motivated to write and edit things that might be really informative but at the same time not really of interest to you. So as time goes on and I become more familiar and experienced I will probably start editing subjects that are more relative to the course and more beneficial to the community.
    I feel the whole point of the wiki is to share and collaborate on building a community of information, so the idea of editing and changing someones work is almost expected. No one has edited my work yet, but I wouldnt mind one bit. I certaintly dont have all the facts and answers so working together to make this community as informative and prosperous as possible should be the main goal rather than ones ego of his/her own work.
    Definitely one of the main challenges I encountered in this project was trying to maintain a constant routine in visiting and editing the various pages. With so many things due and work in other various courses it was hrad to keep a steady pace in building this community. As for limitations, with being an average internet user I found all the features in the wikispace pretty easy to use. To some it may be a little basic and limited as to what the true potential of the web can be, but for this project I found it to be pretty sufficient and enough to get the job done.
    There were many advantages in participating in this wikispace project, the main one of which would be being able to gather and share all this information that would have otherwise been lost to me as I probably would have never gone out and read the stuff on here on my own. It was interesting to read what other people wrote and what they had to share, so to that extent it was fun to see what kind of things people would have to say and what they had to share. That and the fact that I was able to take part in building in this community was great and watching it grow from basically scratch to something that has substance was something extraordinary on its own.
    For future reference, I think this project works well with the course and would definitely recommend it for anyone else to take. As suggested improvements I think some guidelines or some sort of rubric would work well in guiding students in the very beginning towards the right direction. Something like you must make 2 pages, edits on 5 different people’s pages, etc. I think this would start it off in the right direction and get people moving, and then let it blend into a freestyle type of editing that it is now.
    All in all it was a great experience and makes me consider in taking cct333 very much now, as it seems like a course that has a similar structure that I wouldn’t mind taking.

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