Group Members: Kathy Sykes, Matt Dudman

Kathy's Skills: Photoshop, Flash, Powerpoint, Great Communication Skills

Matt's Skills: Photoshop, Powerpoint, Creative Design, Highly Organized, Excellent Communication Skills

Rules & Responsibilities: Have all work organized so that it can be completed in an efficient fashion.

Title: ADaptation


Goals & Objectives: To create a medium of communication that will enable people to understand the true meaning of what's being advertised in our ever growing society and world.

Audience: Targets men and women between the ages of 16-70+.

Key Message: Get the real idea of what's going on.

Content Planning: The content of our project has been layed out so that we can go about each particular topic we're touching in an efficient manner. We have set dates for each part of the project and this allows us to not only stay on top of things, but leaves room for error. With everything presented in an organized way, it allows us to tackle each aspect in a sequential way.

Medium Of Expression: Text & Photographs

Schedule: Scheduling for our assignment has been layed out in an orderly fashion that both partners have agreed upon. We've decided to meet daily to discuss the assignment, whether it's on the phone, online via msn, or in person. We decided to do this because it not only keeps us in touch, but allows us to rather have a broad outlook on the project and bring new ideas together on a day-to-day basis. Also, we have confirmed specific dates when we'd like to get together in person and do collaborative thinking on the topic at hand. This is very important because it not only allows us to bring forth our ideas, but also, allows for new opinions to be formed, which in turn, allow the idea to be discarded or innovated.

Bibliography: Ongoing. The bibliography has been started but is all in it's preliminary stages. Nothing has been confirmed as an actual source. Once all sources have been collaborated and finalized, a proper list of sources will be provided in the proper bibliographic format.

Visual & Conceptual References: Marketing Ads, Television Commercials, Newspapers, Music Videos, Billboards, Magazines, and general day-to-day interactions in society.