Abigail Bueno's Analysis & Reflection


  • Septmeber 24 - Embeded video on Sandbox of issues pertaing to Marshall McLuhan.
* October 26 - Peanut Butter -and- Culture Jam
  • October 27 - Tried adding a page for PayPal with not much success
* November 10 - Contributed to Culture Jamming page (write up and image)
* November 30 - Contributed to Cyberpunk page (including a summary and link to William Gibson's website), added a table of contents and reorganized the page (adding breaks in between sections)


September 24, 2006

1. When first encountering wiki at the begining of the course:

Wikispace was something new to me, other than the occasional checks on wikipedia, the notion of online community where users can edit each other's work was completely foreign.
My very first encounter on wiki would have to be on September 24th where I placed an embedded video on Sandbox. To my surprise the seemingly complicated task of embedding a video turned out to be quite simple - a few click here and there then voila the video is now part of the wiki.
Having the wikispace as a collaborative learning environment, in my opinion, is beneficial to all participants. This type of learning environment allows participants to interact and exhange deas in a more sufficient manner. The class collaboration on an online participatory space enables the students not only to learn about new media as a learing environment, but also experience what is currently happening. Since wikispace runs completely on participant's involvement, the expectations I have for myself is simply to particpate. I intend to add, edit and post thoughts, opinions and ideas that relate to the course.

November 16, 2006
2.Think about the following and answer to the best of your ability:

The postings I choose to add would relate to something of my interest in hopes that it would also interest others. At first, I thought that it was strange to edit and rearrange other people's work until I realized that the very purpose of the wiki is to create a space that collaborates the minds and ideas of others. It is interesting to see how much a page has evolved espcially if it is a posting that I have started.

December 8, 2006
3. Final thoughts and reflections

Overall, it has been a great ride with wiki during this term. I had a few struggles here and there but managed to figure it all out in the end. I found that the technicality of wiki was actually self explanitroy and at times enjoyable. The one thing that I found myself struggling with was actually editing someone's page and at times felt like I was offending someone. Though the success of community site such as wiki rely on the fact that it is the responsibilty for the member to contribute and edit, I still felt reluctant to do so. This in part has nothing to do with the notion of partcipating, but rather the idea of invading someone's space. It was interesting to experience and see the growth of the class wiki. I enjoyed reading and contributing my ideas on topics that interest me ( such as culture jamming).