Able Lee

Wiki pages I created

Created the MSN Messenger page
- wrote about 750 words
- added many pictures

*( for content contributions to other induviduals pages, please refer to the contributions/community section)

Contributions / Community

the culture jamming page on Nov 8
  • added examples and pictures

the game shows page on Nov 8
  • contributed to the examples of game shows
  • added 8 examples to the list

the TIVO page on Nov 8
  • contributed to the advantages of TIVO section
  • wrote about 90 words

the Advertising content page on Nov 9

the blogs page on Nov 9
  • contributed to the disadvantages of blogs

the cartoons page on Nov 10
  • contributed to the popular cartoons list
  • added 5 examples

the soap opera page on Nov 10
  • contributed to the American soaps list

created a page for MSN Messenger on Nov 10
  • started writing on the content

the Adbusters page on Nov 26
  • added a picture for the tittle

the Billboards page on Nov 26
- added a picture to the examples

the console wars page on Nov 26
  • added content to the console wars question
  • wrote about 110 words

the comedy movies page on Nov 26
  • added to the popular comedians list

the MSN Messenger page on Nov 26
  • added the MSN Logo and Microsoft picture

the PS3 page on Nov 26
  • added examples to the list

the MSN messenger page on Nov 27
  • added a picture

the talk show page on Nov 27
  • started new section for late night talk show
  • added pictures and examples for late night talk shows

the friendster page on Nov 27
  • added a picture of the friendster web page

the record label page on Nov 27
  • added picture for record labels created by artists

the Hockey page on Nov 27
  • created a section for NHL teams
  • listed all 30 NHL teams by division

the direct-to-consumer-advertising page on Nov 28
  • added a graph

the Superheros page on Nov 28
  • added a picture displaying varous famoue supeheros

the satellite video page on Nov 28
  • added logo for XM satelliet radio

the Commercial Advertising page on Nov 30
  • contributed to the content
  • wrote about 360 words

the Propoganda page on Nov 30
  • contributed to the content
  • wrote about 180 words

Analysis and Reflection

1. When first encountering wiki at the beginning of the course.

Prier to CCT300, I have never heard of wikispaces. I have heard of wikipedia and visited the site a couple of times, although I have never contributed to the site. At the beginning of the semester, i was completely new to wikispaces and the online community. I think wikispace is a great webpage and online community. It is simple and easy to use. The learning curve for me to learn how to use wikispace was very short. I figured out how to use every tool in a matter of minutes. Most people who have a basic knowledge of the internet shouldnt have any trouble learning how to use wikispaces.

I think this type of online space is great for collaborative learning. It allows people to share their knowledge and distrubute facts at ease and very effectively. Wikispaces is a great way for people to work in together and produce content.There are many advantages to using wikispaces for a group project and collaborative work over you traditoinal ways of handing in a hard copy to your instructor. For example, group members within your group can communicate using wikispace. You can see what other group members have written in the content, which can precent reptition. Also, wikispaces allows you to revise and add to your group members work. Wikispaces allows people to really collaborate together. For the group projects in my other courses, we would usually divide the work into seperate parts and each member would complete thier part. Members would not communicate with each other and you would not know what other group members have written until you see the final product. Wikispace really changed the way people are doing group projects.

I expect to contribute to wikispace as much as I can and make frequent updates to my personal work and work of other people. I expect to share my knowledge and provide good content to the community. I belive that members of the community can gain also gain a lot of knowledge from active participation in the community.

2) Second question

I choose which postings to contribute to or changed based on my personal knowledge, experiences and interest. I look for topics that I'm already familiar to, which makes it easier for me to contribute. Picking topics that I'm familiar to does not requires me to do intense research on the internet. If i pick topics that I'm not familiar with, i must do intensive research on the internet to educate myself on the topic before I can contribute to the topic. When I contribute to a wiki post, I usaually look add content to already exising sub topics or start a new sub topic within the post that will add value to the post. I tend to lean more towards adding content and text to a wiki post than adding pictures and editing the grammer.

During my first week or two, I was very careful on every button I press when I was adding, editing and re-arranging other people's work as I was completly new to wiki spaces. I did not want to accidently delete other people content or do anything like that as I was still in the process of learning how to use wiki spaces. I think contributing to other peoples work adds value to the post. It increases the amount of content on the page and allows you to share your knowledge and research material with others. I try to check my own postings for alterations as much as I can. There have been people who have contributed and changed my work on wiki spaces. I think this is a very positive thing. When people change your work, its usually makes your work better. Other people may view your work differntly and see certain things that you may not have thought of.

3) Third question

After one semsters experience of using Wiki Spaces, I leanred many things about the system. There are many limitations that I noticed. For example, wikispaces only works error free with certain browsers such as Mozilla Firefox. Browsers such as Internet Explorer will not allow me to edit Wiki Spaces from my computer. Also, when more than one user is editing the same Wiki page at the same time, things can become confusing. A message constanly pops up that asks me if i would like to load previous draft or discard the previous draft comes up frequently. The advantage of participating in Wiki is that you get to learn many new things based on reading other peoples post and contributions. You learn things about a topic you never noticed before. I think the Wiki Space is great for a course. I think the course in general was great, I learned many new interesting things. I enjoyed doing the culture jamming project the most. In the future, I suggest that the course should have less emphasis on comic books and more emphasis on other material. I suggest introducing an additional text book that is not comic book related to enhance our understaning of the media.