Analysis and Reflection: Due Nov 14 5%


  • Created Censorship and R&B page as part of the (500-700 work)
  • Added a paragraph to Propoganda page (types)
  • Added information to Facebook page on concerns
  • Added a significant paragraph in fashion magazine page about important concerns on media
  • Added paragraph on pornagraphy page about censorship
  • Added information language on the history of Hip Hop page
  • Added a couple lines to narrowcasting page
  • Added movies to comedy list
  • Added a brief description of a cartoon on the cartoons page
  • Did regular clean up on navigation bar, table of contents and spelling that is not included.
1. When first encountering wiki at the beginning of the course

  • What do you think/feel about this collaborative learning environment?
  • What are your expectations for yourself ?
  • If you have previously used wiki in another course, then describe what you have previously learned and how you want expand your understanding.
  • What can you contribute as an experienced participant?
I have encountered wiki's several times throughout my education at Sheridan I have had CCT205 and CCT333 that had a wiki component to the course. Wiki's are a good way of information gathering and allowing you to participate as an active user in actually contributing to the information. I find it very useful for exam periods, I have a tendency to do last minute readings and for the most part Wiki's have been my scapegoat by providing me with summaries presented by other students. I’m very familiar with wiki's and how it’s worked and used and have no problems navigating the site which gives me and advantage. One thing I do not like about Wiki's is information overload, there is always a lot going on which can lead to confusion and chaos it’s just something that you have to deal with. Due to some of my previous experience I do have high expectations for this assignment as well as my similar assignment in cct333. One thing that I learned from previous wiki assignments is to everyday for like 20 minutes dedicate some time to do a simple edit even if its something like spell check, I must admit though that I don’t follow this thing I have learned. I have taking it into consideration but my learning style is working my best under immense pressure. I am going to attempt to contribute a vast amount of information and contributions to the site more than I say I did last year due to the strike. I feel I can contribute to this site based on my previous experience by helping others who have not encountered this way of interacting by simply answering the FAQ's. I can also contribute a lot in editing, it may take people longer to edit things who are not familiar with this site but because I am familiar it’s a lot faster to edit pages in a small amount of time.

2. Think about the following and answer to the best of your ability:

  • How do you choose which postings to contribute or change?
  • What are your thoughts on adding, editing or re-arranging other people's work?
  • Do you regularly check your own postings for alterations? Has anyone changed your work and how have you felt about it?
Well since there is a significant chunk to contribute 500-700 words I try and pick a general topic with tons of information so that I can contribute a vast amount of information to the topic and also leave room for others to expand upon my ideas. I than try and look for pages that have a significant amount of work done although I than try and look deeper in terms of other related topics that I could touch up on.
I don't have an issue with people editing my page because its simply part of the process, in order to get the marks you have to contribute and allow others to contribute as well. One thing that I do believe is that the person be critical of what information they put it. It should not be repetitive and it defiantly should not be useless information that was put in for the sake of taking up space. Wiki's are a lot about small little changes to the site that makes it work well such as maintenance of table of contents, bibliographies, navigation bars, spelling/grammar etc. These small changes not only contribute to the page but don’t take much at all.
I don't see why it would be an issue of contributions from others other than the chances of someone completely deleting something you wrote that you think is significant but they don’t. It is difficult to determine what one thinks is important but we can all come to a basic understanding of what is good university academic content so this doesn’t seem like a pending issue to me. I actually enjoy when others add to my page because it enhances the quality of my work and benefits everyone.

3. As a final reflection for the course, post your thoughts and ideas on:
My expectations or experience hasn’t really changed since my previous exposure to Wikispaces. I feel it is a fun and resourceful site that allows students to interact with each other and allow team work building. The main purpose of the site is essentially to share information and I feel that Wikispaces has done a good job of this. I feel there are some limits to this site, one that information could easily get deleted and I feel this should be changed because what one person thinks is significant information is not to another and I have personally had people delete something I wrote and I was offended. Therefore there needs to be some sort of administrator on the site that makes decision of what is useful information or not. Benefits of the site was that I was able to get study notes from it and also helped me a lot with other courses and getting the basic ideas of what was studied. If I did not understand something in lecture typically I could find a posting of that topic that better explains it for me. It is also an advantage when you can be an active user of the site and help build and maintain it and feel that your work is being put to good use. I think the course does a good job of describing different media forms and the influences of media and the Wikispaces compliments the course very well and work hand in hand very well. Information that was taught in class is also taught on Wikispaces so it’s very beneficial. I don’t think there is any improvement to be made other than an administrator for the site and an automatic save feature for the site. Its been fun overall.