Alternative Rock

A musical genre closely related to mainstream rock, it is basically the independant, underground rock music not originally found in the mainstream. It allows for more forms of artistic expression with little or no concrete definitions of exactly what alternative rock is. It encompasses a number of different genres within it as well as a variety of different styles. Pop, punk, goth rock, indie, brit rock, jazz and electronic music can all be found within alternative rock. Starting in the 80's and gaining popularity in the early to mid-90's alternative rock can also be known today as "new rock" and can be heard on such radio stations as 102.1 The Edge in Toronto.


Alternative Rock music came in to existence in the early 80’s. At these early stages of this new genre of music it was considered (indie music) independent music. It first became popular at colleges by independent music jockeys. No spectacular bands came out in the 1980s. In the 1991 a breakthrough came for this genre as nirvana released Never Mind which finally bought alternative rock in to main stream. Many bands though rejected their success as being rebellious was one kind of trait this music focused on. Many subgenres existed with this kind of rock music such as grunge, indie rock, indie pop and gothic rock. In the 21st century alternative music evolved such as the introduction to the bands such as Linkin Park with addition of rap, electronic beats and pads.

Below is an example of alternative rock. This is a video clip by the band Green Day from their 1994 album "Dookie". The song is titled "Basket Case". The album was considered a major commerical success and catapulted the band to international fame and notariety.

Video Clip


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