Thursday, December 7
I have two tests today, cct300 and cct260, I'm gonna die today. So much material need to study. ><"
After these two tests, I have one exam on Monday and another one on Tuesday, and before that I have to go to two of my friends birthday dinner. I HAVE NO TIME TO STUDY.............................-_-

Thursday, December 7
Have anyone done this: couldn't sleep for a week because of school? Makes you feel like you're on drugs.

Monday, December 4
I have CCT200, CCT204, CCT260, and CCT309 altogher. :<

I wish I can survive.

Well, the good thing about this is that I have a long winter break after all! - by pinkucan

Wednesday, Nov 30
Does anyone take tri-courses: CCT204, CCT260 and CCT300 now?
Next week will be a very busy week for those who have tri-courses at the same time ( aHa, I am one of them)
Anyways, just want to say good luck to you guys and for myself! GOOOOOOOD LUCK

We will survive!

Tursday, Nov 23
Also, front page seems to have went public, so you can post some comments there, this one will still exist, for "hardcores" or for those who do not like their comments to appear on front page - i will still read this once a week.

Trusday, Nov 23
Sabrina, if you are running outta ideas, here's a simple hint: pick something really stupid, then make it look OBVIOUSLY stupid. You can go ahead and check mine, if you like.

Tuesday Nov 21 2006
Hi guys, I was just wondering how everyone is doing with their culture jamming projects and if anyone has any ideas of how you will display their items they want to share with the group.

Tuesday, Nov 7:
I think anything will be aired as long as somebody will sponsor it (i.e. will believe it'll bring profit). There is a lot of stuff happening out there that challenges current media, but it doesn't seem to bring as much change as anyone would like it to. For example, Daily Show has changed alot, but it has not changed the media.

Sunday Nov. 5,2006
what I wanna know is when there gonna start airing adbuster commercials on tv, and on billboards around the country>? Does anyone think that will ever happen? I really hope so, maybe when chaos really starts to happen, no one will give a ratsass about the materialistic crap that fills the airwaves,tubes, everything else

here's my second post!
ok here's something important: I for one, am lost as to define what culture jamming is, and it is A GOOD IDEA to know what it is before starting project. so for challenged ones like me here's a link to wikipedia def-n

here's my first post:__
I like candy.