Nov 23, 2006: Never knew this page went public - good stuff tho so that i'll have a chance to express myself. Have you seen Kramer from Seinfield go bananas and call black people "niggers" in a hatefull way, publicly? You may have, now take a look at this one: and have a look at the comments the person who posted it added (just in case this video has been delited by this time, look below). Here's some more: he publicly aplogised and mentioned that "the craziest thing is that i'm not a racist" - pretty crazy. If you watch TV, go ahead and witness how he's gonna be on a late night show next week and his ratings gonna go up the roof. Unfortunately, this is not worst thing ever, but fuck you to everyone who think they're better than others.

This media incident has created quite the buzz around actor Michael Richards. I enjoy Seinfeld and the character Kramer, and will continue to do so. However, the remarks made by Mr. Richards are entirely incensitive and without cultural consideration. His credit as a stand up comedian will undoutbably be affected.

As for the above content specifically "fuck you to everyone who thinks they're better" I really hope that wasn't posted by anyone from UofT. It clearly shows a lack of insightful commentary on the situation.

"Kramer from Seinfield goes mental on a few patrons who decided they wanted to talk during his set, It's like what they do at the movies, don't shut the fuck up.
Everyone is agast cause he said out loud what we mumble under our breaths". (whitefolks - youtube identity).

- d

P.S. Go ahead and look at all of the vidos that mentioned above person has posted, and his/her comments. Make your own conclusions.